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The books of A.Y.P. are represented by The Booklyn Artists Alliance
The art of C.K. Wilde is represented by Rosamund Felsen Gallery

Christopher K. Wilde
is a founder of Revolocien Wreckidz and the Booklyn Artists Alliance and The Bookstrap and Alternating Currency.Com
Mail : Y, 710 South Garfield Ave., Alhambra, CA., 91803 U.S.A.
Email contact:

Dylan Graham
Dylan draws really well. Go to The Pinkey Suthers Show to see. He also made this site possible with his generosity.

Kurt Reynertson Allerslev
Ethnobotanical wizard of the bhodisattva incarnation, alchemist of the sacred calabash, inventor of the Bzrkaphone. Kurt is a national research fellow in organic chemistry. He makes all kinds of beautiful things. Kurt is the founder of bleed inc. Go to Phytoalchemy

Paul Denhoed
Paper maker of the highest order. A Canadian that the Japanese people have embraced after he learned his craft in Iowa. Go figure. He also makes lamps and books.

Patrick Joseph Blough Flynn
Of the Flynnstitute. Designer, artist, printer, and activist Flynn went to work at the New York Times, and then Progressive magazine. He made some fab kids and now lives with Joan in Madison, Wisconsin.

Michael Duffy
Of DUFF Co. Graphic artist, agitator, and musician Duffy is a quick wit and steadfast critic in the mode of Diogenes. Lives it up so that he can't live down in Madison, Wisconsin.

David McLimans
Designer and artist who has made art for the New York Times, Harpers, The Progressive, Mother Jones, Time, Etc. His first childrens book, Endangered ABCs, won the Caldecott Medal. David lives high on a hill in Madison, Wisconsin. Go to McLimans website for to see the sharpness!

Kat Gritt
The camera is a tool that some folk make us think is easy to use properly. Ms.Gritt shows us the pictures we wish we could take. Click here to see the new hot freshness!

Mark Hayward
World champion juggler, artist, and all around cool guy. Mark is the inventor of the wombat trap and the book strap. The publisher has been collaborating with Mr. Hayward since 1972. Mark lives with his wife Lenore in Chicago, Ill. Checkit out!

Erica Harris
One of the loveliest people on the planet, Erica is a traveler. Her drawing, collage and painting meld seamlessly into strange and intense dreamscapes peopled with flying cows with a million udders and bandaged children playing hoops. She is sometimes in Brooklyn, NY. To see what all of the fuss is about visit Erica's site Erica Harris Dot Org

David Heagle Last
A dangerous recluse known only to the few, wondered about by the many. Currently known to reside in the Brooklyn highlands with an outrageous array of prosthetic circuit-bent electronic devices of considerable sensitivity and power. Inventor of the Frap horn and a collector of hulahoops, David is also the behind Handheld soundsystem and press, Somnaut, Terror Luncheon Press, and Genuine Particle Records, and Mystery Dimension.

Adam Januz
Some people really know. This guy does. Visit The Weakest Astronuat.

MT Karthik
NŽe Karthik Thyagarajan from Madras, India, is a writer, artist and activist. As a vernacular artist who has studied contemporary Western art practices, Karthik has shown or performed the world over. Karthik has been published by A.Y.P, CondŽ Nast, and Hachette Filipacchi publishers in New York. He currently resides.

Jane LeCroy
An Intersidereal voyager sent to bring forth love in the words formed in her supernova brain and birthed through her hands and voice. A poet, bon vivant, chanteuse, raconteur, mother of three vibrant children;Jane is truly a renaissance women of tomorrow. She Lives. Go now to her site Jane LeCroy

Jonathan Lill
A collage artist of singular talent. His books are the collage equivalents of illuminated manuscripts. Jon is the founder of the PI press, He lives in academic squalor.

Nick Miller
Designer of web and world, saviour of this website. If you need web work go to LUCKY.

Sara Parkel
Best damn binder in the world. Sara also knows much of the printing, and the design. She is living in Brooklyn and is the proprietor of the Filter press. For more Filter Press

Shon Sheldon Schooler
AKA Mr.Clean, Bongo Fury, and King of the wild frontier. Mr. Schooler and his sometime companion Nugent J. Vitallo, have been field agents for AYP since 1994. An entomologist by training, a musician by habit, and poet at heart, Mr.Schooler was the victim of a tragic lead poisoning that was extended over much of his youth when instead of sugar treats he was given lead pellets to suck on. His black teeth and vacant stare are hard to beat at the poker table, and his off beat and quirky humor generally has everyone in stitches, literally. Shon lives in Australia so he can have lots of s p a c e. He is the proprietor of Blue Barrel Press.

Peter Spagnuolo
Poet, scrivner, scribe, scrawler, writer- All names for one who contrives to put words in interesting and meaning full orders. This human activity is practiced by many with an inexactitude and indolence, by few with grace and elegance. Peter is definatley one of the few. Find out more at Booklyn

Felice Lau Tebbe
Master Intaglio printer, Black belt, and practicing Buddhist. Her art is powerful. Visit Felix Press

Scott Teplin
Drawls really well, everyone says so. And he knows his way around a water color kit also. His drawings make people feel funny, sometimes funny HAHA, sometimes not so much. Scott's artwork is in all sorts of fancy places and he is the founder of URST books, go and visit

Mark Wagner
AKA Warkus Auerelius J. Bancroft Magner. A highwayman par excellence'. Sits accused of enmity and brigandidge. Not much he can't do except swim. Founder and proprietor of Bird Brain Press, and founding member of Booklyn

Marshall Weber
A performance/conceptual artist who's works are public, and paradoxically, illustrate the intimate nature of communication.Minimal and enigmatic works have been the result of a dialog over ten years of collaboration. Marshall is a founder of Booklyn and ComPress. To check out his work please visit his page at Booklyn

David W. Lundahl
A visionary artist who makes hallucinatory sound, painting, video, instillation, you name it. Go to see his amazing photos at

Lawrie Wenner
Artist of the highest order. Has made palm trees from feathers and rugs out of underwear. Go and see her things at

Bob Munn and Sara Cook will make you rock your world!

Genius and beauty are not strangers to this brilliant person. Visit if you dare

Elysian Feilds
Oh I just love them! Please visit

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