"Where is the string?"

Artichoke Yink Press

Adders of Memory

Author/s: S.L.Hoche, C.K.Wilde
Edition: 13
Year: 2004
Price: $350.00

Adders of Memory
Weary ex-patriot, do you not hear the cry? of your motherlandgrab,
soldier of fortune favors the brave, wind blow until you are no more half-a-mind Cobain headache cure cleaving trouble neatly like a stave.
The easy way out of the street's speculative dreams,
gallop the land- eyes cold saucers full of sour milk wean from me the eternal teat
Scatter me slowly from my tomb, my prison,
my skull fulsome and budding with the soft fronds destined to be nettles of discontent,
The adders of memory glide with impregnable armor; (forged in the heat of the moment)
through this Gordian knot, this labyrinth, of electrochemical heredity given free
Where is the string, is the Minotaur me? Daedalus surely brings Death's key.

Adders of Memory is about consciousness, suicide, and memory. The processes used are wax frotage, rubber stamp, pressure printing on the letterpress, hot foil stamping, thread tangling, burning, and photopolymer plates for the text. The sheets in the glassine over-sheets are from a German bible from the 1840's found in the dumpster behind Cooper Unions library when they were deaccessioning. They were mono-printed, and pressure printed, and finally given some impression from old wood type. Bound in with a stab binding by the publisher and Eliana Perez at Booklyn.

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