"All good things come to those who..."

Artichoke Yink Press

All Good Things #5

Edition: 200
Year: 2005
Price: $5.00

Contributors: Eleanor Whitey, John Kruth, David Last Heagle, Felice E. Lau, Marshall Weber, Dr. Johannes Rheinheimer, Penny Arcade, Lacy Schutz, Amy P.Ferrara, Jessica Martin, Joel Brouwer, Samantha Kinkaid, Karen Switzer, Paul Smyth, Phoebe Flynn, Amy Newell, Heidi Wilde, Mara Lethem, Ellis Avery, Sharon Marcus, Maggie Fost, Beth O’Halloran, Molly Renda, Kurt Allerslev, Sara Parkel,Katrin Wilde, Ricardo Vecchio, Erika Biddle, Kathryn Gritt, pumpkinboy- Special thanks to Phoebe Flynn for Design and Print! Also thanks to Caitlin "Cat" Glennon for embossing on the SP-15!

Cats, hot coffee, snuggling, sweaters, libraries, clean sheets, doing stuff and making things, revolt, rebellion, critical thinking, careful planning, whimsey, good walking shoes, supportive communities, social issue documentary films, our pug louie, hundertwasser, dark chocolate, eight years with ellie mae, the banjo, milna, townes van zandt, boston red sox, all those people standing out in the cold wearing orange in the ukraine, rum, funky pulse, the fact that bush can't stay in power forever, hello besitos from beautiful wimmins, guaca-fucking-mole made from california summer avocado, good mastering, the light that pours out of your eyes, pressing play, realizing there are only 2 minutes left of your work week, seeing good friends after a prolonged absence, european graffiti, hot springs or hotel jacuzzis, flute and violin, finding a new shape that my hand enjoys drawing, drawing hands, digital manipulation of physical sounds and images, having friends in other cities and seeing them smile when i meet them at the airport, bright green, mind, laughter, smiles, a soft touch, clear cold air, understanding, a new-born's eyes, their skin, a cuddle, arzalt, Sunderung fala chetro emhite, Ragrowdit, Fahmustakrahan, Akkeling varg ruddels., Kralborain, talatelek, estenjak (torble), Breshm, vapambalit, Spending Thanksgiving with the family, Being aware of the beauty of the things that surround us, Knowing where your beliefs are, Helping others to plan their life,Seeing the things that can be done and working on them, Enjoying quietness,Breathing fresh air, Feeling the roaring waves, Not getting spam emails, Seeing relations and things work out the way you are hoping them to do, The streets of Paris, breakfast in Chinatown, fresh figs, morning glories on a hurracaine fence in the East Village , hysterically laughing with a friend over a situtation that depressed you for three days in a row, cushy shoes, physical therapy that works,a novel by Colette, a poem by Rene Ricard, anything cashmere, pate campagne, orange walls, astrophel and stella by sir philip sidney, cooking for friends, corduroy pants, staying in brooklyn for the holidays, ambient lighting, having a sense of community, lunch on tuesdays, iambic pentameter, discovering harsh truths about oneself, jameson's irish whiskey, weekly bar meetings, bowling, vegas baby, chunky monkey bread pudding, redeyes, curry mussels, swiss bittersweet dark chocolate, the idea of revolution, travel stories around the campfire, the kid named ocean, landlords who sign leases and install CO2 detectors in your apartment, cirque du soleil, nude beaches, motor carriers road atlas, french canadians, action against hunger, bowery poetry club, goodie magazine, marijuana, disco music, comfortable beds, peppermint tea, haircuts, danskos, $14 for 20 minutes massage, burlesque dancers, gnocci with pesto cream sauce, french raspberry cosmos, public art, Supersweet lipton iced tea homemade at the chinese restaurant in a soup container, back rubs , e major, e minor, when the kids sit quietly and pay attention and i can look into their eyes and subtly see they understand, ah! thank god for this , smoking under an overhang, raining, night , seneca, surely this very request, the sea, lists, welcome closeness, chocolat, sunshine, fred wreck, basho, inspiration: the kind where you think you came up with the great idea all on your own, watching a kid employ something you taught without your interference, 5 year olds playing chess, pausing to have a discussion on the merits of calling his partner "stupid" after he makes a bad move (deciding against it), finishing a tome of a book, understanding an aphorism, giving stuff, smiling, riding the merry-go-round with my nieces until we all get sick. all the different colors in wendy's hair. the jacket i bought in berlin that i am not cool enough to own, but i do. making up new nicknames for the dogs, like "goats" and "scropes." my third day without a cigarette. digging down under the covers as the tornado siren wails. red bricks. finally actually reading ovid, and enjoying it. driving down to new orleans on the spur of the moment. my fourth day without a cigarette. junior wells singing that the cops took in his woman, she didn't need no bail, she shook it for the judge and the judge put the goddamn cops in jail, Teaching my nephew new words, My hot water bottle, Sleeping next to my husband, Seeing the second line appear confirming a baby's on the way, Netflix, The final sigh before sleep, Crossword puzzles, Sleeping puppies, People you can trust, Soft rain when you're lying in bed, vegan enchiladas, birthday week, being naked in the living room, shamelessly downloading mp3's, mixing that ink color just right on the first try, unrushed kisses, assisting a great goal in soccer, all the crushes, astral plane x's and o's, being hopeful even after all the years of disappointment, Having the funniest friends in the world. Playing the piano so hard that my glasses fall off. Making tea with water from a stream in Killarney. Bacon Double Cheeseburgers. Bacon. That miraculous 15 minutes in a night when I’m actually good at pool. The films of Andrei Tarkovsky. That photograph of Olivier Messaien standing in the woods, transcribing birdsong. Walking past the queue. Waking up in a different country. The first cigarette of the day. Making a painting like you’re playing tennis. Listening to one chord played until your head starts to spin. Toasted sandwiches. Beth (particularly when giggling). Guinness in winter on the Aran Islands, cats on the prowl, the first morning you wake up In your new home, Mulderbosch savignon blanc, drawing a circle, getting in touch with an old friend, getting rid of old stuff you don't need anymore, hot cider, big art, new appliances, mistletoe, Thunderstorms in the summer, the smell of sweet olive in New Orleans, a good, strong sneeze, Vandercookin’, the sound of opening a canned carbonated beverage, staying up late and sleeping late the next day, visiting new places, laughing until your gut and cheeks hurts, homegrown tomatoes, the tickling of feet, FINALLY learning to whistle at the age of 33, sweet, sweet ganja, sidewalks, things that are reversible, things with both function and fashion, hand addressed envelopes, The best for me was being able to take my adult children to Bhutan and share the beauty of the country and its people with them. To watch my daughter graduate with a Masters Degree in International and Public Affairs from Columbia University, and meet many of her friends and teachers who had meant so much to her during those thought two years of study. And then to see her begin to use the things she learned for a project of the UNDP in Nepal on Food Security, and later in her chosen field of Human Rights for a small Family Foundation that supports those efforts for women and children throughout the world, and for Native Americans.To see my son teach young art students in a little garret schoolroom in Thimphu about bookmaking.To accompany my husband on a trip to India and see the Taj Mahal with him as well as tigers in the wild and travel with wonderful guides and companions through this amazing country.To hear lovely music soar into the summer sky during the "Opera in the Park" in Madison, and share this experience with more than 10,000 spellbound Madisonians.To witness the opening festivities of the new magnificent Overture Center for the Arts in Madison with music, dance, opera and drama and art exhibits all fall long. Highlights were an organ concert with many members of our family who were in town for Thanskgiving, and an incredibly beautiful performance of "Turandot." The Board of Regents of the University approving a new degree program: a Master of Public Health, which is intended to serve the people of Wisconsin and beyond. It felt good to see two years of work come to fruition. To get back on touch with childhood friends from more than 45 years ago and begin a dialog that hopefully will result in a meeting in Germany not too far in the future.To set a date for my retirement and begin to put plans in motion to make a long cherished dream come true in 2005: to sail on a tall ship, buttermilk biscuits, artichokes, babies that come out good-looking, coffee, learning a new language, snuggling, snow, fireplaces, peanut brittle, staying married (if you want to), lasagna, petoides, White peonies. A river. Being touched. Singing with my girlfriend. Moss. The kindness of strangers. Satiny sanded wood. Starting the writing day with a cup of milk-and-sugar black tea, very hot and strong. A letter from a friend. Right action. Hot bread. Time to watch the sky. Arriving at last at one's destination after taking the local instead of the express. Warm feet. Green tea. My girlfriend's ears. My spoiled cat. A good movie. Finding one's lover's pubic hairs in the bed after she's gone. Ella Fitzgerald, anywhere, anytime. The smell of roasting tea. Waking up to find the world still here, cemeteries, the unexpected typography found within, and epitaphs about train wrecks or sailors lost at sea; pear orchards; bare branches on blue winter skies; hawks catchin' pigeons; megafauna (the concept, the word, the image of the watering hole); paying someone else's toll; gifts of fruit; handstands; The Federal, Durham NC; gentlemen; pockets; not playing it cool; mittens; pantuflas; inscriptions in gifted books; surfing dreams; bad punnery; guest rooms; old men with dogs; teenagers at the state fair with their prizewinning livestock; old spice, Letters with handwriting on them, mohair scarves, old movie theaters with plush red curtains, cinnamon, bubbles, The Jimmy Cake playing an encore, mistletoe, watching my dog swim, skylights, being the only one on the beach, Samso Island windmills, cedar waxings, music, the five senses, volunteerism, NGOs, empathy, archives, the animal kingdom, libraries, language, secrets, Ruby asking me to "kilde mig," databases that really work, tables of carbon chemical shifts with structures, that little white orchid with purple spots, true wheels, tight brakes, a healthy derailleur, no potholes and no cars, dry streets, discovering that I still like some music that I listened to almost 20 years ago, the notion that I'll finish my dissertation someday, the NYPL, my new shoes, gin evaporating off my tongue. warm socks when it's cold. my grandma getting a kitten at 93, sitting with my feet in the sand, watching/listening to the waves pound the beach, and the taste/smell of salty-warm air, the luxury of choice, a hug. a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate. the uncontrolable urge to smile. not needing to know the time, unexpected humanity. the beautiful mundane bits of life, oppa!! Anarchist Marching Bands, Whale song, paper, Isle of Islay, Loving your loved ones ones, Mrs.Braggs, Wild Mushrooms, Cookie decoration, making the work, teaching, reading novels, fires, waves, snow through fog, skate the lake, warm sweaters, organized energy, voices raised in song, Children’s reality, Somewhere some one is sleeping, eating, fucking, reading right now, Friends in new ways every day, times passage, the internet, Google, email, Richard Stallman, Hakim Bey, His Holiness The Dali Lama, helping out, Roma stalwartness, Cellos, small feeling, Gulab Jamans, world of samsara, Booklyn, Captain Beefheart, Letters from friends, Tima capsules, changing perspectives, folks who go on agead a start something new, Gross National Happiness, GIF, Sobo, Gyoza, secret kissing, mashups, clandestine rendesvous, group made books, Joni Mitchell, MTK, Ocean, IZ, incense, reflection, neurology, Wes Anderson, Muskies, interns, Bill Murray, crazy humans, pot delievery services, E.L.F.- “You build ‘em, We’ll burn ‘em”, Ice skating on Lake Wingra and making patterns in the snow, Hiking in the mountains and visiting Buddhist temples and dzongs in Bhutan with my family, Seeing a great horned owl, eagles, a white bellied heron, and several monkey families in the wild, Circumambulating Bodhnath stupa in Nepal, Having people in Kathmandu remember me after seven years, Eating Tom Kha at the New Siam in Bangkok, Marching with 500,000 people to protest the Republican National Convention in NYC, Rocking out to Brian Eno, Le Tigre, the Clash, Patti Smith, Drinking in the colors of Matisse, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Munter at the re-opening of MOMA, Watching Monty Python with my brother,Working with the union leaders in Bethlehem, PA to get out the vote, never fly into Newark, good chocolate, soccer twice a week, home cooking twice a week, snuggeling cats 3 time a day, my bike and Rollei, clean sheets and underwear, Eliana, panettone and milk coffee, cinema, digging up the past and trying to rebury it somewhere else; remembering dreams and putting a 'to be continued' on them; poetic visual language; body language, and well-articulated movements in general; words words words; listening to rain while in bed; having an acute sense of smell; being elsewhere, e.g., travelling; fearlessness; love at the right moment, which i know right away when it happens; the truth my stomach speaks; watching films over and over; getting 'lost' in a book; nonlinear time; epigrammatism; abject beauty, cosmic rays, lunar rays, manta rays, gamma rays, x rays, rage, radar, rayon, radio, Raymond G., Old tools with new uses, An outlet in the place where you need it, Friends who forgive you, Babies, Books that you are not the first to read, Completion, Pride (maintenance and exhibition), Soudjouk, A hairbrush that smells like your lover, Reigning it in.

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