"All good things come to those who..."

Artichoke Yink Press

All Good Things #6

Edition: 250
Year: 2006
Price: $5.00

Contributors: By John Jordan, Suzanne Reese Horvitz, Madelyn Macedo, Patricia Clark, Holly Davis, Jason Davis, Tom Whitmore, Damara Kamineki, Charulata L. Dyal, Amy A. Newell, alyce santoro, Emily Larned, Marshall Weber, joshua, David Last, Ulrike Stoltz, Nancy Campbell, Robyn Cheers, A.P. Ferrara, Michael Anderson, Bearic, John Kruth, Marie Jensen, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi, Karen Switzer, Lewis Koch, Heidi Wilde, Laura Smith, P.J.B.Flynn, Emilie Smith, Barb Tetenbaum, Valerie Imbruce, A.E. Williams, Candice Sering, KerryDowney, Johannes Rheinheimer, Saskia Buitendijk-Perotin, mIEKAL aND, Lori Makarick, Constance Woo, Robin Price, Saori Yunomura, Adam Janusz, Nina Schutte, Alison Forbes, Tara Mathison, Karen Shettler, Eliana Perez, Kurt Allerslev

The smooth fur on the side of a dogs nose, not setting the alarm, diving into a lake, cuddling, dogs that sleep on their backs, sweet potatoes, campfires, wood saunas, tiny new leaves, Fridays, reading aloud, The friends who remember me from art school, new friends to whom I have no past, my sons in whom I see the best parts of me transformed into real beauty, fuck ups by the government that give me hope for political change, warm baths in scented water, junk food binges late at night, a perfect cup of coffee in the morning, my husband/lover laughing and holding my hand, turning a corner and not knowing what I will find, a bag of new art supplies, my epson 4000 and the magic of photoshop, snorkeling in warm clear waters, memories of my parents, Googley eyed goldfish, the smell of rain, things that "show up" in the garden, robin eggs, having to light candles because the electricity is out, when strangers are friendly, rocks with stripes in them, looking at the sky through trees, hawks, fires on the beach, dead ex-es, fireplaces, coffee, cleanliness, turkey dinner with trimmings, the ends of the earth, perfection, spontaneity, lists, checkmarks, I imagine the items might be different if it were summer, my good health, my children, listening to the wind in the trees, seeing the first tulip appear, a blown kiss from my grandson, down pillows, counting my blessings, diving under a really big breaking wave and resurfacing to the pounding behind me, the quiet contemplation and beauty of a museum, singing in the shower, being tired after working hard, the twinkle in her eye, cold air on my face in the morning, elegant math, taco trucks, reading in the sun, knowing it's okay, the first sound of rain, purple flowers, getting to where you're going, Long-term friends, sparkly new acquaintances, re-reading comfort books, discovering a new author, dancing, saying just the right thing at the right time, sunset over the ocean, music that twists my sensibilities, NPR/PRI, saying hello to a passing cat on the street, good things. sleep that refreshes, laughter-packed ideas, fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice, sunlight, jazz, the blues, an erection that feels like raw potato, a potato-loving bed-mate, absence of fear, books soggy with magical words, seeing pieces of yourself implanted in your adult children, the affection of dogs, riding a bike home, pats on the back, listening, being heard, soft skin, when hands meet, finishing touches, the sound of a head hitting a pillow, being inspired, Creative time with my nephew and niece, dancing along to cheesy Bollywood dance scenes, those annoying forwards that everyone complains about but secretly enjoy, honesty, hiking with my friends, playing scrabble with my family as we all watch my brother cheat shamelessly, having choices, cartoons, women's intuition, watching my image appear on paper under the dim red light of the darkroom, contagious laughter, having good friends and family around to remind me of all the good things when I forget, pancakes at Green Apple with Christopher!, A quick wit, soft white snow, huggin’ and kissin’, mail sent with postage stamps, drinks with umbrellas, skipping, floating on a raft in the water, tiramisu, warm sunshine, starry nights, giggly babies, frisky kittens, nice white teeth, my lime green mini ipod (I’m obsessed!), green beans from the garden, almond joy ice cream in a sugar cone, my new sassy attitude boots, bubbles, diet coke, skin on skin, creative energy, buttermilk biscuits, catching a buzz, the taste of ocean salt spray on your lips, walking on the beach barefoot on a foggy day, a phosphorescent algae bloom on a dark night, the tingly sound of round stones being rolled down a rocky beach by the surf, pulling the main sheet of your little sailboat in with your teeth on a windy day, the dank smell of lake or ocean left in your hair after swimming, the sound of snow falling in the woods, making improvised music with friends or strangers, cooking for people you love, waking up next to someone you love, waffles, tidepools, cramming your mouth full of raspberries or blueberries picked fresh off the bush, pinetree smell, coffee, the sunday paper, a fire in the fireplace, a cat on your lap, a home-grown tomato, clementines, Cabinet magazine, PowerBooks, handmade sweaters, perennial calendars, cafe con leche, library book sales, new stories by George Saunders, free museums, whistling tea kettles, the moment when your ego is absorbed into the creation of an artwork, the crackling memory of a particularily intense orgasm shared with your lover, the glowing joy of Isabelle and Chelsea laughing together, NYC removing the bumps from the Williamsburg Bridge bikeway, the realization that you CAN completely change the way you actually exist in the universe, the knowledge that bullshit is not inevitable and that there are solutions to our worlds problems, the joy of learning about courageous people who have sought and procured justice for themselves and others, seeing your friends mature and make great art, looking at Kurt and Chris while collaborating on the creation of a rubbing in the middle of some street in downtown Amsterdam and realizing that its not a dream, discovering how you think and appreciating the uniqueness of that complicated system, honky tonk piano the nutcracker suite, child like wonder, marlon brando (and all dirty old men), movies in bed, ideas, scandals (especially celebrity), wine, cornbread, sex, rockin' beats, checks and balances, musicians that went to art school, connecting two friends you know will love each other, good fake meat, parataxic narrative, bizarre ride to the pharcyde, slo mo and time lapse, coexistence of analog and digital media, polaroid sx-70, ableton live, the way the brush pen feels when you get loose, looking at peoples' sketchbooks, flickr, tantakatan (shiso shochu from hokkaido), beer hitting my throat when i'm thirsty, picking up a friend at the airport, paid travel to somewhere cool, discovering a new restaurant that you love, festivals, people who teach their kids awesome shit, watching my insane genius friends drop knowledge and make beauty, vera chytilova's "daisies," kung fu movies not action movies with guns, harvey kurtzman's line, charles shulz's heart, public transportation, people that know 6 languages, a cool t-shirt, soup dumplings, knowing that someone out there in the world loves you, when he tells me he loves me – in a moment when I do not expect it at all, the unexpected moment when someone is answering - right from his heart, the stone - slowly resounding, my ear suddenly opening and making me hear the sound of all things - at least for a short moment, the slow process of healing, the rain - falling, the rain - stopping, to pass something on, the lightness of all things when you are happy, the neighbour's cat, a letter from a friend, a photograph of northern hills at dusk, buskers' tunes echoing underground, William Blake's death mask, a train journey on a friday night in winter, a sprig of mistletoe, a crystal salt cellar, a rusty toy soldier, an arch look, a candle half-burnt-down, chocolate on a hot crossaint, the sound of a fountain pen on good, textured paper, dirty vodka martinis, vintage cigarette cases, the smell of used bookstores, a full schedule, fat cats, someone you love sleeping in your bed, salty sea air, literary heroines, surprise parties, interventions, group therapy, communal living, share cropping, co-op organic markets, consignment shops, individuals on a team, actors in a play, sweet & spicy sicilian lasagna, bek-se-ju and bi-bim-bop, slurpy noodle shops with strangers at your table, firedances, drum circles, camping trips, eating vegetables grown in your garden, brennivin!, kung-fu hustle, homemade gnocchi and pesto sauce, discovering the secret to good alfredo sauce (it's all about the butter and the cheese!), amazing art collections, graffiti, my finacee makeda, electric guitars, mark twain, street posters, king kong, miami beach, the brooklyn bridge, indoor plants, baseball, asteroids (the original), all things david lynch, the beastie boys, giant snowstorm, hybrid cars, power tools, the piano, messian, bethoven late quartets, charlie parker, miles davis late 60's quintet, computers, health, friends, and, of course, money, that warm funky smell of a dog's neck in the morning, my sister's unbelievable children that renew my faith in procreation, Sleater Kinney's new album, a Christmas day wake-n-bake with fresh coffee, the self perpetuated nature of creative influence, C.W.'s hard-smakin', ass-savin' bamboo staff wielding skills, comradery among NYC bikers, the promise of longer and warmer days to come, concrete, well played mandolin, the blue sky of marilyn's eyes, thelonious monk, pugs, rings, strong coffee, curb your enthusiasm, chocolate, croatia, mandolins, a parking space, Having the same best friend for 27 years, warm winds, the smell of newborn babies, handmade greeting cards, mashed potatos, split pea soup, peace, hollyhocks, when a fiddle is played, old sewing machines, Lina & Lulu, type setting and letterpress printing with your honey, having people believe in your dream, Thursday morning coffee with Rosemary, knowing the corners that will never be swept out, biting off more than you can chew, crossing the pond, finding that old ties are not tethers but nets, C-cup and his never-ending steadiness, and friends who grow older and wiser, a cat washing behind her ears, bleeding hearts blooming in a garden, shoes that keep your feet dry, the churches lying underneath cathedrals, winds from Siberia, sunrises in June, roller ball pens, Bach's six suites, lizard's changing colors, tides on rocks, making it up the Leggett Grade on my bike without walking, cooking for friends, sparkly paper, redwoods, our various sleeping positions, braiding Tim's red hair, reconnecting with old friends, the clouds I painted all over my bedroom wall, snuggling, my new cookbook, always good to gather with friends at the turning of the year, especially in times such as this...Time and the time to think about it, Snowflakes, Antibiotics (my leg, especially, thanks you), Daydreams, Audiobooks, Little books, the illimitable way notes can be put together to make Music, Peace— and the strength to work for it, Good friends—the ones still here and those who are gone or still to be found, Nature wherever and however it may be, Visiting Katrin and Christopher in New York in February to see Christo’s Gates with them in Central Park, Seeing my daughter begin a job that allows her to make adifference in the world, Watching my son mature as an artist and find fulfillment, affirmation and success, Celebrating my 65th Birthday and Retirement Party with my family and many dear friends, good music and fun dancing, Cleaning out my office at work, Making a long cherished dream come true and, together with my husband, sign on as working crew on a tall ship in the South Pacific, Lying on deck at night, falling asleep under the stars, listening to the wind in the sails and the waves rushing under the keel, Conquering my fear to climb aloft and seeing the ship’s deck underneath and nothing but the wide Southern Ocean around us, Swimming and snorkeling amidst the most amazing coral reefs and schools of colorful fishes, Gradually learning “the ropes” literally for each of the sails, so that I could carry out the commands even at night, Coming home to Wisconsin and a quiet kind of beauty in the woods, calming down after the riotous colors, sights, smells, tastes, sounds of the South Pacific, Being able to go out cross country skiing when the first snow fell; in the past I had to wait for the weekends…good news! good things in bad places, all the colors between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm in the summer and 3:45 pm and 5:00 pm in the winter, carressing nude skin, laughing till it hurts, crushes, appreciating, aging, wrinkling, sprouting wings around the corners of your eyes, 6-orgasm sex, (for that matter 7-9 orgasm sex), sex, no sex, honesty, dark chocolate, vegetables, cadium red, cadium yellow, plaster, band-aids, hot showers, going somewhere where no one speaks the language you know, having that first conversation in the language you know when you come home, Breathing, walking with the wind, the hand scratching your back, responsiveness, the hand scratching my back, imagination and creativity, the space between night and sky, peace and quiet, Hanging-out with loved ones and not going home for so many days in a row that by the time you get home you’ve had to borrow 3 different people’s underpants to get you through, very pregnant goats, gnocchi squishy like a baby’s bottom, spontaneous get-in-the-car-go-somewhere-else events, epiphanies, when the whole house is clean, heavy niece time, when the making-out is fantastic…just plain fantastic, cute old men…especially if they are balding and have spotted heads, a good stretch, My cats: Ralph and Earl, Pete and Edie's new baby: Che, Martha Little, Old Time music jams, 1960's era English bicycles, Japanese food, any episode of The Avengers with Ema Peel, books on tape, toast, answering machines, black and white kitty-kats, apician spiced dates with marscapone, winter amaryllis, ice skating, weddings, dinner with friends, netflix, vino, silly puddy bindis, dissertation defense, alice munro's short stories, Getting three new tattoos, one of which is the kanji “yume”, meaning dream, placed at the base of my skull. The dream was of my daughter; Finding out I was three weeks pregnant when the needle pierced my skin, marking me with my daughter’s reality; Feeling nauseous and throwing up in the morning because I’m pregnant, not because I can’t stand the City any longer; Feeling my daughter inside my belly doing the backstroke, swimming and laughing; Having a child alive although I was not able to birth her, and indeed, had her cut out of me; Having them lay her wet body down beside my shrouded head and drugged as I was, saying hello and see her open her eyes and smile at me; Saying, “Shark attack, attack little sharker,” as she eagerly caught the spongy nipple that pulsed tears of Manna to the pure beat of her need and her cry; Her face triangular, her eyes large and tilted making me wonder if I was abducted by aliens, Her father being the first one to make her laugh the first of her very odd, inhaling laughs, Anticipating and imagining each and every new thing I get to show her: the eleven mobiles in her room, the green and orange Kwan Yin fountain on her dresser, her name, Ember Rose, Levity, Brevity,Longevity, spending time with a good friend or two, staring out a window at a pretty blue sky, finding money in your pockets unexpectedly, getting fed good food -especially when it's free, looking at old pictures, having a crush on someone, having the crush reciprocated, laying in bed all day with someone talking (and doing other stuff too), dancing to your favorite songs, hearing a good song you haven't heard in ages, staring at your favorite painting, autumn in new york city, sunsets and lightning storms in the puerto rico, sunsets in red hook brooklyn, speaking to a person in their native language and not yours, hearing children laugh, beginnings, all of the cracks, spaces, and gaps, flamingos, polyurethane, Antoni Tapiés, tea time, a calm stomach, obscurity that doesn’t alienate, dust, being surprised, the unpredictable, the reliable, sunshine in February, hair mousse, hands on my hips, dancing dancing dancing, your Mom, nostalgia, Alberto Burri, presence, dreams, wrists, rivers from airplanes, thinking from airplanes, airplanes landing, letting go, snow crab legs, making her smile, synchronicities, snuggling, clean feet, paper, puppies, ducks, undoing, forgiving, learning new skills, finishing books, the blank canvas, collaboration, positive uses of power, the Astoria Sports Complex, Eden Camp, mail, forms of storage, cold Belgian beers, fake meat, overcoming fear, adhesives, notes, old blankets, old ladies, non lecherous old men, cardigans, the edge of the page, crying out loud during movies, driving while listening to music, saturated senses, circumlocution, the right size, sleeping in, saki, damp soccer fields at night under park lighting, finding home, returning, amor, love, Liebe, amour, amore, beminnen, ______, elskede, amor, semmi, koi, amor, amor, Democracy, my grandma's jokes, kisses with a hint of tongue, smell of frying garlic in olive oil, 70_ funk, hotel rooms, drink and dial, going to bed at dawn, mob films, Albert Camus, free jazz, reading in bed, painting, sex, a cat purring, chilling outside during summer nights, a glass of fine Bordeaux wine, Ani Difranco's laugh, American indie films like Junebug and Factotum, 'pataphysics, synchronicity, everything gardens, Martian Poetics, the ampersand sign, polyglot parrots, rock dust, hypnogogia, invisible college, ageless comaraderie, the Ten Thousand Things, intersection of abstraction & representation, any book by Paul Celan, documents which glow in the dark, Watching a cherry tree grow, fish tacos with lots of cabbage and the good sauce, a box of old 45 records, the relief of getting a splinter out, walking in the desert, thick hearty sweet potato peanut soup, anything in a dutch oven under the stars, faded photographs, hanging onto a noodle and swimming in a high mountain lake, a bee covered in pollen, Old photographs bringing back lost times, Homemade shrimp wontons, A slow adagio in ballet class to a Chopin piano concerto, Reading a novel on a rainy day with a cup of steamy chocolate, Finishing the last stitch, Getting a letter on Dempsey and Carroll stationery from an old friend, A child’s smile, Alternating bites of chocolate truffle ganache and a barely ripe banana, Finding a thing of beauty among squalor, Fresh banana bread coming out of the oven, Drinking hot chocolate at Angelina’s on the Rue de Rivoli, Playing a Mozart sonata after 40 years, Playing hookey,The look of pure innocence, Halley’s Comet, 1-2-3-5-7-11-13-17-19-23-29-31-37-41-43—infinity, Alliteration, DOGGIES!,leisure time for composing at least ten good things separated by commas, anticipation of a handmade printed something that will arrive in the mail, the ability to go to a library and check out books, patterns that help expand thinking, hearing a poem read by a friend, visualizing music, chance encounters, quiet time for reflection, ice-cold tapioka milk tea, gyoza with guiness, annualcreditreport.com, sleeping with cornbag, swimming, babysitting, birthdays, mitsuwa market, kimonos, a hot shower,16 minutes more, flannel sheets, Father's Day, a fresh cornbag, more orbitopalpebral fat, empty matinees, the california-western-damen section, island destinations, making gyoza, the second pint, asparagus, bacon bagels in Dayton, canadian maple syrup, destinations, enthusiasm, Florida Keys, green (Field Day, Nr. 91281), herbarium, ice cubes, James Bond, kisses, la vera cucina milanese, my birthday party, number seven, Old Amsterdam (cheese), phone call with Marie, question mark, repotting lychee trees, snow and sun, the last supper by Leonardo da Vinci, underclothes, Venezia, wisphering, x, yolk, zero, roller skates and brand new keys, hot sake, the thought of traveling to Malta, blueprints of ships and disassembled furniture, closets, hourglasses and copper loops, flashcards and the Spanish word for flight attendant, murphy beds, mismatched cutlery, porcelain teacups, cactus gardens, clawfoot tubs, condiments, spreads, chutneys, tapenades, Celia Cruz's "No se lo que pasa", German drafting kits, mosaics where least expected (bathroom stalls, metro stops, lampposts), kielbasa, names like Maude and Lane, Books, Rhinestones, pencils, dog eyes, my grandmother, coffee, goat taxidermy, latex, Thor, Tamar, Drew, the ocean, sunlight, tea parties, pie, magenta, Saffron, Vermeer, Van Goghs painting kit- and the pens he whittled from reeds, still stained with his fingertips, In Godard movies when the dudes say “ …Quelle Type?”, movies as conversation between friends, Da Innernet, SDMB, 1337speak, Iambic pentameter, a Spagnuolo sonnet, Scotch whiskey(12yr. Lagavulin), The sax played in church, realizing the deal, Wool pants, silk long underwear, mithril, French Navey sweaters, Buddhists, the light in Luang Prabang at dusk, waking to the call of the Muazin, people praying, food eaten on the street stoop, accordians, acorns, good headphones, sleep-glorioustimetravelingsensoryoverloadsleep, sleep where you wake up tired, sleeping in public, on trains looking at the wavering horizen with sentences of birds on the bouncing wires, head full of smiles, times still on the body like smell, like your stomach, like breathing you in and breathing us out, the emptiness, musical communion, fellowship, living to tell the tale, Getting really high, kinda, Spacing Out, Forgetting completely, just not quite being able to figure out...Just not remembering, Letting go of trying to remember, Daydreaming, Bliss, The Cat in the Sun, missing a deadline and still having your material accepted, sunshine, cat in sunshine, watching a movie for the hundreth time and still liking it, puzzles, belonging to yourself, bliss, stretching, light through crystal prisms, more bliss, 60 degrees in winter, $10 summer skirts, vintage wall paper, knowing that family and friends are doing well, the beach to yourself, rotring 0.25, postcards in your mailbox, jugo de guanabana, plants outside my apartment door, big windows, Metaphysical movements, the smell of fresh rosemary, amaryllis blossoms in the winter, flying dreams, breathing underwater dreams, that my grandma is happy remembering events from long ago, despite having no recollection of the immediate present, honey, beeswax, a 4-year old wearing only a bee veil for protection while peering excitedly and unhesitatingly into a hive of 60,000 bees, hot, humid tropics, orchids with fragrance, starting a new project, seeing the light at the end of a tunnel, finishing projects, certainty, uncertainty, finding a friend from a past life, skirting along the edge of the forbidden.

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