"Chickens today feathers tomorrow"

Artichoke Yink Press

All good things #4

Edition: 135
Year: 2004

Price: NFS Marshall Weber, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Phoebe Flynn, Tara Tye Mathison, Dylan Graham, Leslie Bea Christopherson, David Last Heagle, Jane Lecroy, Alice LeCroy, Kathryn Gritt, Lisa Beth Robinson, Wendy Rawlings, Joel Brouwer, John Kruth, Fly, Eleanor Whitney, Uwe Warnke , Emilie Smith, Julie O., J. Nelson, Samantha Hadfield, Eric Wallach, Heather M. Gantt, Jessica Rose Funaro, Veronika Schaffers, Joseph Cavalieri, Leif Parsons, Beth O'Halloran, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Amy Ferrara, Vanessa Schneider, Ty Wilde, Heidi Wilde, Kennedy Gilchrist, Bettina Shzu, Eliana Perez, Kento Winkler, Turuko, Kurt Allerslev-Reynertson, Annie Gwynne-Vaughan, James Elmore, Karen Switzer, Anne-Luise Janssen, Emily k. Larned, Patrick JB Flynn, Stacy Wakefeild, abundance, creativity, compassion, diversity, empathy, generosity, justice, nourishment, love, peace, respect, groping the ground for rotten walnuts to make ink with, drawing trees, jeremy¹s eyelashes, canoeing on university lake with the turtles floating by, drawing hair, creamed spinach and brown rice, hugging in the shower, reading three books at once and letting their plots become one (way more interesting than the actual books themselves especially when you are reading art history, science fiction and child psychology!), Jeremy playing air drums/guitar very sincerely well, becoming much closer with my family in this last year, reading E.E.Cummings poems aloud, sleeping in, exhaling, humidifiers, Frida Kahlo, getting your hair cut, snuggling, watching Ken play bass, going somewhere you¹ve never been before, feeling free, sunshine, coffee with lots of sugar and cream, round wooden knobs, paid vacations, reading the sunday new york times naked, generousity, books by Karl Capek, sleep, glorious sleep, paying all the bills, the ability to see what in front of my face, The feeling of sticks breaking under your shoes, The blue flash of a light bulb that burns out when you turn it on, The bruise left by breaking a cheap keyboard over your knee, Feeling the wheels break loose, Being able to put your hand on the needed tool, Knowing something, anything, Having heat during the winter, Electric lights at nighttime, Swearing at the top of your lungs, Newly acquired electronics, The smell of fresh sawdust, Hammers, The consistency of objects made by machines, The ability to stay balanced and on your feet while sliding over ice, Comfortable controls, Fingers with bandages that don¹t cover knuckles, Paying bills, realizing and rejoicing all in one moment that a headache is gone, the day after i've worked myself hard and my muscles are sore, it hurts to move, and i can really feel my body, a smell which brings on a memory, which lingers long enough that i can inhale it again and again, and then once more knowing the last one is really just a memory of the smell, reading April's friend's book and realizing there are a few more of my kind of people in the world, and that a few of their honest words on a printed page could communicate this to me, growing, realizing i still can grow, watching day after day as plants grow, make sprouts, make blooms, that i can type this on my typewriter, that my typewriter came out of a dumpster, knowing people who can challenge me without intimidating me, mud. dirt. earth. everything, Rhythm, Texture, Line and linear movement, Pattern recognition, Harmony, Cooking at home and filling the apartment with good smells, Soaking in hot water, Reggae basslines, Lonnggg Kisses, Curves, Angles, Really good graffiti, Fingertips and palms, Cleverness in the service of kindness, Getting paid to do something you like doing anyway, Storytellers, Aesthetic perverts, Commentary tracks, Reason, Esoteric analogue effects boxes for sound mangling, Cool architecture and character design within videogames, Jim Woodring's illustrated dreams and nightmares, Hashish, Maker's Mark, Sudden ideas at bedtime, Traveling away from home, Getting home after traveling a long time, Kickass food in Tokyo, My Dad's pizza, Orchestrating a successful collaboration, My friends and their compassion & talents, Knowing that if I died today I've still lived fully, naming your baby, having a dream where you get to see someone you miss very much, eggnog with rum in it, hearing stories your daughter makes up, seeing a portrait of your family that your child makes clear skin making your son's face light up with a grand smile with just a peek-a-boo, remembering a good moment in your life that you haven't thought about in a long time, feeling like you look beautiful, surprise kisses, having someone else totally clean your house well, making a good joke, the way you talk wanderingly to someone in the dark just before you fall, asleep when you are lying in bed together, clean windows when the sky is bright blue with fast moving clouds that are shaped like things, play kitchens, a vanity with little drawers and makeup, butter, decorated Christmas trees lucky ribbons, merry-go-rounds, ballet, dropping rocks in water, hiding in a brick house from the big bad wolf, nursing, band-aids, arnica, baby things, chemical reactions, moments of levity, the kindness of strangers, touch, imagination, resonance, sidelong glances on the sidewalk, solid construction, the sensation of flight, dirt, black licorice, loving and being loved in return, cats, plane tickets, good visits with friends, orange food, when the guy at the coffeeshop remembers what you like to drink, holidays with my family, Sushi Nozawa, making books!, that my dogs are sisters and sometimes wrestle, talking about the nature of the soul with joel in bed, the rough guide to ireland, that joel always gives me the maraschino cherry from his manhattan, Amagansett, long island, unpredictability, that people can make really funny jokes about death, paintings by pierre bonnard, the humane society, platonic kisses, especially the european kind, gingersnaps, putting pennies on the train tracks and waiting, patience, driving around in the countryside until you're really, really lost, calling up the courthouse on the morning of valentine's day to see what time the marriage license window opens, riding the St. Charles streetcar in New Orleans, when you look up at your dog and her tail starts wagging, butter, going to the movies with a massive hangover and a cold can of beer hidden in your backpack, Gustav Klimt, My Blue-eyed Sweetheart, Pugs, Hot and Sour Soup, Mandolins, Cowboy Boots, Guitars, Fast Cars, Single Malt Scotch, Dark Chocolate, The Adriatic Sea, sex, chocolate, red wine, free time, skating, oatmeal cookies, sleeping, dreaming, drawing, painting, dancing, playing, good friends, good health, good books, Anything rasberry and chocolate, Cats, Critical Thinking, Making Things, Found Photographs, Pay What You Wish at the Museum, Libraries, Books, Fresh, Hot Coffee, Good Conversation, Politically Critical but Personally Generous Friends, Legwarmers, Ein schoenes haus in der koernerstraße in schwerin, dem vater helfen koennen, der mutter damit eine freude machen, dass man das was sie tut anerkennt, die letzten beiden orgasmen bei einer irgendwie scheuen frau, unsere lesung im wedding zu texttotal, ein picknick in der naehe potsdams, eine rasierte moese, to know there is a friend in brooklyn, ein cy twombly raum in philadelphia, to know that all good things are more then three, A pretty house in the grains street in Schwerin, that father can help who make mother therewith a joy, that one that what acknowledges does it, the last both orgasms in a woman shy somehow, our reading in the wedding to text total, a picnic in that would sew Potsdam, a shaved moese, to know there is a friend in brooklyn, a cy twombly room in philadelphia, Crazy internet translation sites, Warm on the inside cold on the outside, Fuzzy, covers as arctic tent, Glossolalia, chocoholics, people knowing about things and explaining them with passion, "silence", Personal truth, hermetic seal broken, unexpectedness being the norm, enough dough to not worry about how many loafs you can afford, Old noble dogs, battle scars and humilty, Reliefe, consideration, hot foil stamping, rump shaken music, Boscobellius, loquacity, poetry, Ãrvo Pärt, Low registers, stretching, reading in bed, disappearing, infinite possibilities of sky, holding someone close enough to feel their body at work, strength from adversity, anesthesia, the fuzziness of old people, subway crushes, growing something and watching it change daily, healing, hope, the perfect beat, Sharpies, flannel pajama pants, licking the sugar off of grapefruits, Sean Mallinson's vegan treats, watching Digger dog sleep, getting kissies behind your ear, falling asleep to Donnie Darko, the smell of ripe nectarines, new socks, finding love at the 2nd avenue F station, Serious:Reading my Grandparents love letters, Sleeping in the Nook (that spot between the shoulder and the pectorals), A United States Postal Mail from a Friend, Movies with meaning that touch you, My Mommy and her cooking, Finding money in your pockets, Waking from a dream and not knowing if it was real or not, A morning kiss that doesn¹t come with the worry of bad breath, The color of the sky at dusk (The Gloaming), Feeling your best friends unborn child kick in her tummy , Fun: Opening others peoples mail/packages that were delivered to you, Sleeping in late, Waking without a hangover, when you know you should have one, Morning Wood, always start the day out right , Farting when you sneeze, Finding Money in your pocket or someone else¹s pocket, Seeing someone trip and look back like there was something there, Free Porn, Finally hooking that booger that you have been digging at for ten minutes, Me time, My mother's health, The chorus of birds at dawn, Sleeping next to someone you love, Onion bagels, The sound of the Black Lion Tamarin, The smell of orange blossoms, Foot rubs and crossword puzzles, free time, my bicycle, friends, Woody Allen movies, soft kisses, dancing, cooking, early mornings in Manhattan, birds singing at twilight, the donut pub's Boston creme donut, e-mail, Puppy breath, Going home for Christmas, Curling up on the couch with my husband on a Sunday afternoon, Friends I've had for 20 years, Leftovers, A bushel of blue crabs, Traveling where I have never been before, Having a housekeeper, The "Road to Hana" in a jeep with the top down, Waking up for work and realizing it's the weekend, getting to your subway platform just as the train is pulling up, soup, hot soup, when your face is so close to someone you'd like to know better that your head swims in a luxuriant dizziness, susie ibarra, percussionist extraordinaire, money in your pocket, bartering, baths, hot baths, free drinks/ food/ clothes/ complements, couches, being warm when its cold out & cool when its hot out, sitting in a hot spring with snow around cycling through Tokyo after midnight, spending a long night with Anne and Bernd discussing, Uwe Johnson's "Jahrestage", "hizuki"- evenings with Peter, a Bunraku Performance, thin ganpi-paper, a blue sky in the morning, a late beer alone on the rooftop in summer, a backpacker's trip in northern Vietnam, the smell of tatami mats in summer, Akiko's facial expression, Soothing, silky, salty bath salts, Solace of the tup, Voices of my Chinese neighbors in the air shaft, Afternoon sun, Feeling dizzy as I try to get out, Reading the note from "Frank " & "Robert" left on their kitchen sink, My first sip of red wine, Long toke, Quick shower, Enter the bedroom of my two cuban lovers, Old friends, Music, Good morning blow jobs, Empty streets late at night, At home playing games, Trees, Snowy sunny mornings, Bikes, Dancing, Stoned racket ball, Crème caramel, Quite, Olives, Baths, Oceans, telescopes on wind blown rooftops seeing stars past city smoke, coffee shop visits in the middle of the night, navy sweaters with buttons on the shoulder, long fingers always strumming, smell of cigarettes and coffee, Impossibly long limbs curled into an armchair watching the stars, thick curls that form a furl at the forehead, hugs so strong they put your back right, my heart grew three sizes, a name so full of soft sounds it's as soothing as a whisper, "The Important Book", dreams that fit on the head of a pin, my aunt Ruth, food coloring in the bath, gardening after it rains, the color blue, going over a bridge, sleeping in, my four year old dancing the form of a gibbous moon, time, a butterfly lamp, The word PERHAPS, Snow & Silence, Warm Apple Crisp and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, LaDuc's Frozen Custard in Wales, Wisconsin, Morning Beers & Wake n' Bakes, *Special* Brownies, Soft Secret Kisses, Sunday Night Feasts with Friends and Family, Road Trips, The Smoking Car on the Amtrak, White Russians, Questioning Authority, Listener Sponsored Radio, Seeing Movies with Friends, Applause during and after a movie, Telling the truth, Using a semicolon correctly in a casual letter, Talking to strangers, despite what the Sesame Street puppets said, Having the subway stop so that the door ends up right in front of me on the platform (and then wondering if somehow I did that with my mind), Shoes that make clicking sounds against the street, Pretending a love song on the radio was written for me, Speaking nicely with Matt for the first time in two years, Sunflowers, Getting lost in the West Village because none of the streets are numbered, nor do they fall at right angles, Profiteroles, Knowing that one day all of my ex-boyfriends will see a book of my poetry in the bookstore, and for a brief moment, they will wonder in horror if any of those poems were written about them, Getting drunk with my parents, Buying my friends extravagant gifts, Pop art, Crying in the Met at the Surrealism Exhibit, Getting strong arm muscles from conducting a marching band, Getting my Starbucks for free because the guys behind the counter like me, Any excuse to put on a ball gown, Mosquito nets over beds that aren¹t actually attacked by mosquitoes, Wearing men¹s cologne (as a woman), Lingerie, Antibiotics, Watching friends on stage, Watching boys blow their cigarette smoke, Being able to comfortably talk about sex, The dent in Charlie¹s chest, Letting Ashley, Lynn, and Isa show me that I do know how to be friends with girls, Going with my mom to get our eyebrows waxed at a swanky salon, Being a volunteer fire fighter, Driving around, listening to music with Nick, Josh, and the guys, Driving by myself with the music Brandi gave me on a sunny afternoon with the sunroof open, singing along, loud as hell, Chocolate chip cookies, tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella, golden retrievers, long walks through quiet woods, Beethoven 9, Simon & Garfunkel, the Beetles, the crinkly sound of cracked snow, red leaves, long runs early in the morning, deep crying belly laughs, good friends, conversations with strangers on public transportation, a loving family, crisp black and white photographs, hugs, hot showers, sweat pants, Challenges and dreams, bicycles, Happy babies on airplane flights, Red, The Music Man, Continuing the amazing dialog about ideas and concepts wih my adult children over the years, Knowing my daughter was doing important Human Rights Work during two internships this past summer, Hearing my son call proudly and excitedly from the Frankfurt Bookfair, My husband spending more time with me after his retirement, Becoming Asa Heidi (=Bhutanese dialect for Grandmother) to sweet little Kirsten, Enjoying the beauty and variety of Rhododendrons, birds and animals in Bhutan, Being blessed by Bhutan's Chief Abbot, the Je Khenpo, Watching Golden Langurs romp around trees across a river, their long tails swinging in the wind, Meeting Sherub's family in Thimphu, Bhutan, Being invited to Sherub's Exit Presentation at UW-Madison, Becoming a Grandpa to my little granddaughter Kirsten! Having more time to spend with my wife and family after retirement, Meeting impressive Zambians who are interested in Crane conservation, Being back in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, Witnessing courting and dancing Wandering Albatrosses on South Georgia Island, Antarctica, Seeing blooming Rhododendrons on the hillsides in Bhutan, with good friends, Being privy to seeing Sherub get his degree in Wildlife Ecology, Participating in a wonderful musical evening in Madison, during the Opera in the Park, Working hard, but at things of my own choosing, after retirement, that moment when you think you are beginning to make a new friend after travelling half way around the world and twisting tongues over a new language, eating ripe letchis straight from the tree in your yard while waiting for a new friend to pick you up to go see a movie from Tajikistan, in the middle of a mountain path, watching the fog swirl in over your head and wondering if you'll ever make it to the top before the clouds cover the sun, suddenly uncondensing the whole of new york city--its flavors, ambitions, and grime--in the middle of the night through the memory of an ex-lover's words, going to work wearing a bathing suit under your clothes, finding that Friendster works--and better--by word of mouth, such as finding out that the woman who just offered me a ride home from the indian consulate is actually the niece of the wife of the ex-university president who invited me to lunch on sunday, realizing that i'm not so young anymore, Sunny days, clouds moving slowly, my feet in the sand, the sun hitting the lemon wall, line drawings, jugo de lulo, plants, recycling, going somewhere else, colorfull apartments, coffee, "one" my cat, calls from my old friends, Rock 'n' Roll Played With Sincerity, Self-Confidence, The Midwest, Maui, Respect For Your Elder Peers, Understanding Where You've Been, Who You Are, and Where You Want To Go, The Ocean, Enough Money That It Doesn't Matter, "Chatterbox" by Alfie Kulzick, Lifelong Friends, Christmas, A New Year, Dreams That Don't Die, A Feeling of Purpose, Owning a Donut Store in a Police State, Getting Off Your Lazy Ass, It Bothers You, You Want Change, You Start With You, You Effect Everybody Around You, dawn patrol at Long Beach, when there's just the slightest off-shore wind, head-high sets that are so clean that there's not even a hint of chop, and looking up and down the beach knowing you made it there first; paddling out as the sun is just making it over the horizon, your breath still visible in the air, and thinking of all those unfortunate people still in bed or struggling to get up so they can get stuck in traffic going to a job they hate; the rush of catching that first wave; being able to pack up and leave as the crowds show up, with off-hand remarks about how much better it was "earlier"; knowing that the storm causing those waves is still way off near Bermuda, and in a couple days the ocean might just be so insanely dangerous that all you can do is stand back on the beach and marvel at the force of nature; later, standing on the beach and marveling at the force of nature, and being afraid to get in the water because I've never seen waves so big; staying up to 3:10 am watching old movies when I need to get up really early for work; the thought that if I did it once, well then, I COULD have another baby, but I don't HAVE to; the New York Public Library; my friends - especially the ones who smile to themselves when they read this; a good, hard pounding 4/4 beat at about 160 bpm when I need it; a slack, sliding, raggedy dub beat when I need that; really good risotto; flirting; having a friend who is more computer adept than myself; waking up and realizing that the fever dreams that were haunting, taunting me night after night have finally abated, and I'm actually hungry again, radio caracol late nite music on the 59th street platform,99 cent avacado the release of kathy boudin, a packed courtroom in support of the brooklyn eight, a clean floor, a road covered in leaves, to yawn,a sudden stillness, inky river water at night, riding a bicycle behind someone you love, legs, easy and sweet tangerines, loving the dead, lightning,if it's not too late, A community working together for everyone's benefit, Being here now, Brunch with friends, Understanding synchronicity as proof that the universe is conspiring to help us, Naps, An emotional reaction to art, Laughing when you trip or fall, Birth, Death, Snuggling, An unexpected present, having a free second soda fall out of the vending machine, cleaning up after using water based ink, good vegan sandwiches, when friends make dinner for you, being able to communicate in another language 6. beating the Communist team at soccer, friends that inspire you to do better, snuggling and sleeping in, daydreaming about Hawaii, body kisses, a kiss from my sweetheart,a just finished self made book, Christmas party with my Tatendrang-friends, a not expected package from my american family, really good music, time to stretch my legs on the desk and relax for a moment, an exciting pop-up-book, a good meal in a good restaurant when you don't have to think about the price, a couple of nice new clothes, a good movie, watching people who enjoy to leaf through my booklet "der heiße Feger", the beckoning cat, knitting, cognac, public library book sales, Francoise Hardy records, anchovies, NY Central paper department, WQXR, umbrellas, sisters, A button on my nose balanced like white folk on top a world. Red dust devils on Mars. A nod bumping into a grin, wisened. The aroma of an angels fart-spring unearthed. Reading. Looking. Joe Blough v. Geo Bush (Jr.) in a wrestling match. The crack of the previously unopened book. My fist in the air (two fingers extended). Justice. Love. Peace.

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