"Chickens today feathers tomorrow"

Artichoke Yink Press

All good things #2

Edition: 100
Year: 2000

Price: NFS

Downstairs neighbors who never complain about noise, Sunday dinners, Huge tables, Rosemary bushes, Bluegrass music, Russians novels, shortbread snow, moose, bands from Minneapolis, Flannel sheets and pajamas, short-handed goals, Tugboats, My Bike, Limoncello, Learning to swim at thirty years old, Learning to drive at thirty- one, The man who taught me, Tomato sandwich with miracle whip, Midwesterners, Cold beer in late afternoon light, Shooting stars over Cape Cod, Gluck, Bob Dylan, Bach D minor cello suites, Kidneys, Traveling somewhere you don't speak the language, Cheese curds, People who have kindness in their eyes, projects, Forearms +Necks +Nice Teeth, Laughing till your stomach hurts, Sleeping naked on cotton sheets that were just washed, being with someone who inspires you, Fast road biking, Fast skiing, Laying on top of your lover, Getting a letter, My father, Clean laundry, A gross of bottle rockets, Big Mikes Super Subs #6 with East Coast Hots, The visible thought process, American convience, Non-Photo blue, All the working parts of my hands, My penis and all the wiring for it up through to my brain, Drawing, Women, Dr.Bronner's Castile Soap, Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, Olive oil, Polar Fleece, Wizard.com-a Free BSD-based internet service, Ricky Rebel's Devil Music and Acoustic, Punk poetry, Wooden Pencils, Clean Drinking Water,Sage, Locally-Made Tofu, The smell of my Armpits, A Blue Note, Freight Trains, Fresh hot corn tortillas in the jungle, Rainforest,??New York??, The fluttering sounds of bat wings, The Mind, Being on the move, Leaving your troubles behind, Not being shamelessly happy, The low down, shakin, achin'chill Blues(sometimes), Being inspired by someone, Inspiring someone, Dead Cops, Self esteem, The curves of a Guitar, A devastating bowel movemeant, Oh, Coffee, Sticky, Slick, Gooey, Goodness, Certain sounds some women make in bed, Belly buttons, Nipples, Massages, Free stuff, Left-overs, Being Naked, Being Nekkid!!, The myriad of wonderfuly coloured stamps in my passport, Dismissed Parking tickets, Second chances, Eighty eight point seven mega hurtz, Rumpus, Frenel Lens, Telescopes, comets, gravitationl fields, cosmic rays, Theories, Chocolate, Mozart's Requiem, Edith Piaf, Tony Conrad, Lobster, Paris Botanical gardens indoor koi pool, Coffehouses in Amsterdam, Paper+Hands, Squeezing, Being Squeezed, Fever Pitch, Lost and Found, Waterfall pools, Driving very fast, Machine, Built Custom, Just the Item, Shadows on winter mornings, Paint, A drastic change in perspective, Clothes that fit, Space, Grassland and Prarie, Gullys, Harold and Maude, Photographs, Patina of use, Retro-fit, Muskellunge, Willow furniture, Hot Glass, Dogsmile, Monkeybutt, Breathing fresh air, Cat Nap, Singing soft in my ear, Touching, Islamic tile work, Muhgal Manuscripts, Spanish Apocolypse Bibles, The voyage of the Pepper, Glass Flowers at the Harvard musuem, Hot Tubs+Sauna+Snow bank, Singing in a car, Samidges, Old globes, Karma Police, The underside of a cat; a cold, frosty mug; a well-written sentence;him in my bed; hearing from an old friend after a long time; beingthere while someone's taking a bath; books all together on a shelf; the semicolon; cuttin' a rug; filthy feet; involuntary sounds of pleasure; walking down an unfamiliar street. Laughter, Sunlight, Ice Cream, Nashi, Decibels, Caress, Home, Newness, Worn-in-ness, Glances, shared moments, a leaf...a tree...a forest!, uncontrollable laughter, accomplishing the "impossible, Waterfalls, an unexpected letter/phone call from a friendstars, stars, and more stars, good conversation, a strenuous hike, downhill bike ride, whitewater paddleholding, hands, working with people who really care, listening to an owl hoot, wolf howl, rain on the tent, a childs hug, an idea...a word...a book!, fresh flowers, wading in a creek, courage to do something that scares me to death, an orange moon, orange sun, foxfire and will-o'the-wisps. Las Vegas Shakedown 2000- possibly, the most defining weekend of my punkrock 'n' roll adulthood,The Standard hotel on Sunset in LA- i'm still trying to figure out whyevery hotel isn't like this. Atlanta's late night no cover strip club- can't remember the name, but askthe locals, everyone knows it.4) Contact lenses- i can see (and, damn, i look good).NBC's evening news opening theme music and billing it as "with Tom Brokaw"when he's never there anymore.Presidential elections- america's monstrous advertising machine put to the real test (and always scoring higher than the american public).Internet porn,.Neighbors with marijuana,Women who realize that it's what's on the inside that counts...but, idon't start counting until i see the outside, Dimmer switches. Therapy, Children's laughter, Chelsea's supersmile, Isabelle, Closing a big sale, Peace, Applause, Revelation, Hallucination, Skin touching skin, Manual typewriters, The anarchist study group on Tuesday nights, Affectionate cats that drool, Kindness, Urban gardens, Late afternoon light(sun), The right road instead of the easy road, Slow dancing in an empty ktchen at a busy party, fake meat, finding a large sum of money just there on the ground, Mai Po reserve in Hong Kong (means I am back in Asia bird watching) Useful vision (thanks to modern ophthalmologic surgery), Madison, Wisconsin; its environs (for its clean air and its blend of university, urban and rural characteristics), Gilchrist Bittersweet Farm; fiduciary responsibilities to my family (means new mental and physical challenges to help create a highly productive, outstanding business which enhances protection of the environment on the farm, Resting after dinner and seeing a mans face light up with a broad smile and flashing eyes when he learned that he had 35 or so Russian schoolchildren waiting to create their books with his guidance: the students worked until 23:00 hours, using flashlights for illumination. Standing amidst Switch grass, Big Bluestem, Cup-plants, and Pale Indian Plantain and hearing the call of cranes, the way I feel like I'll go crazy every time the season ends and begins. getting back on the road, going North, thinking how much passes without notice in these miles, and how one should never get tired of home. home, and how the streets there seem to live for you. the way the attic smelled when I was ten. the way the earth smelled when I was ten. being woman, lover, friend, whatever you'll call it. that rock that looks like an elephant raising itself up from the ocean. the geometry of green.the way good pictures just make me want to scream. that Christmas and my birthday are the same thing. brothers, sisters, moms. the way it's almost futile to even mention music. sunday mornings in the village. understanding [.] why.dogs., laughing., Swimming, cassandra., the way this is so easy, and that i shall go on... the harvest moon & the fact that i am here to see it, again. (12 years) the eyes of the ones i love & the others, too. his eyes, and to the outside of them, his hands, his feet, his smile. chocolate. the way that arms hold you like that, solid. a hot cup of tea with a touch of milk. words, put like that. my sister, the way i can't honestly say that we are separate or the same. fields turning ochre/brown. the way people love each other. food. sunrises. Hannah & Ole. my father's laugh & the organic way his body made mine. color, especially in any tone related to red. the best gifts ever. matu & his hands & knees. David. Lori's laugh & smile. (her words) hot chocolate. lucky love that lasts & changes & keeps going. ice cream. kisses that I don't remember any more. hands i will always remember. wisconsin. ink. Intense dreams, Gramma , mom, dad, Cappuccino, Good earth sweet and spicy tea, Mrs. Kim's egg & cheese sandwich, Martita , Syma, water. Relief from pain, Spine stretches, That warm feeling in your middle (lower back and abdomen) that makes it hard to get out of bed sometimes, Relaxing, Skin, Atmospheric shimmers (i.e., light through trees, heat over a pavement,water shadows), An off-center sense of humor, Finding the exact words for what you really, really mean to say, Forests (density of trees, dampness, coming upon surprises such as an orange lizard or a strange cocoon) Falling leaves (whirl, whip, drift, glide, loop, twirl, drop, lift, settle), The ocean (immense, salty, the color of sky above mixed with sand below, heavy, rhythmic, pounding, overwhelming calm),Public foolishness, national holidays, Central park on a warm day, when there are drummers drumming,, skaters doing roller disco, people getting married, and a guy walking around selling beer from a cooler, A captivating story, Nakedness , Learning something new, Going fast, Exuberant children, translucent things, a warm blanket, subtle smells (excluding the really unpleasant ones), garlic, writing journals, durable plants, friends with any or all of the following qualities: warm, imaginative, free-spirited, optimistic, genuine, loopy , generous, energetic, protective, amiable, intense. painting with both hands, thrift stores, first time experiences, back rubs, clay, the idea of skydiving, fantastic storms, sushi, things that work as they should (reliable mechanical/technological, gadgets, heaters, cars, etc), bargains, ecstatic dancing (usually requires a few drinks first), wise people who share their knowledge, flowers, comfortable old friends, inspired people, thinking about good things, Whisky sours, Salt water air, Fresh coffee with the right amount of milk, Spending a dollar on lotto for a multi million dollar fantasy, A first kiss, Cats, A job well done, 300 thread count sheets, Hot water showers, crying, crying, crying because the world is so damn beautiful-getting that feeling in your heart of such intense love that you have to grab onto someone else-almost need to shake them- and let out a big:aaaaaaahhh of delight.-the shared moments, the ones when you feel connected to another being-utterly consoled-the air-god its soo good and the crispness coming soon, then the milder air returning-the beauty of the cycle.-singing really loud with friends to songs on the radio, children eliciting your authenticity,-the interconnectedness of all things-the blessed moments when I can see it-just stopping for a little while-family and friends-I do not know how I got so very lucky-its absurd!Crushes, Little white dogs with blue mohawks, Barbie,Having a guitar you can fall asleep playing, Plastic, Giving your friends funny nicknames that stick, Loud music coming from outside seeming like your own little soundtrack for a few minutes, Love and general Niceness, Platform shoes, especially for short people, Shirts with nipples (that i invented), Attention & feeling appreciated Anything that's open 24-hours,Words, Hand gestures, Not getting caught, Passion, Capes and Helmets, Laughing really hard with a bunch of people at something you said, Getting to put "Psychic Friend" on your resume, Book publishing deals, finding old friends, singing for people, books, yeah, peeing in the shower, being a woman, sex, good food, a new pair of shoes, fashion, fresh air, mountains, cinema, sleeping, plant life, daily bowel movements, buddies and beers, a child's truth, a child's lie, accidental art, home cooked meals, beating a boy at arm wrestling,making music with friends that works,being able to pay off debts, that spot right before the ass crack, religious hypocrisyafter yelling in the streets (another good thing) and consuming many beers with friends (yet again),Ellipses, afternoon sex in a room with no windows, i guess honesty fits somewhere in this list, fingers playing along my back while i lay in the shadows.,the jump of my heart as i hear the whispering and chatter subside to subtle breathing as ones eyes, 'the smell of my grandmothers skin, roaming the empty streets before meeting a friend, twilight stretching across the floor', the smell of rain when it first hits concrete., yoga., blowing on a babies face to see it gasp & smile, hallucinogenics, peering into the lit uncurtained windows of strangers at night, getting fat envelopes from friends who are far away on their travels, finding large amounts of money, remembering your dreams, the names of the places on our moon, old rollercoasters on beaches, telescopes., microscopes, hot dried wasabi peas from Japan, having someone you love touch your asshole, having a day with no plans, getting genuine compliments from strangers, the feeling of the moments when you're being enraptured in delusions of grandeur, getting into a bed with clean sheets, a snow storm that traps you with someone you love, being immersed and surrounded in foam on the sea after big waves crash and it's like you're in an amazing salty hissing bubble bath, seeing whales in the wild, finding a really perfect present for someone, just making any form of transportation when you feared you would miss it, haunted house rides, a really great halloween costume, flirting,. finding something after years of thinking it was gone, the alphabet, all of them All thanks and praises to: Amy, Erez, Heather, Paul, Ruth, Scott, Timothy, Barb, Kento, Marshall, Karen, Kennedy, Leslie, Felice, Heather, Lawrie, Caitlin, Kerry, Anna:, Alison, Kari, Jane

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