"Free to be lonely"

Artichoke Yink Press

Alter/New York/Unlisted/Bad Luck/Nonsense

Author: C.K.Wilde
Edition: 2
Year: 1994

This Book was made in during a relatively mild New York summer months of June and July, in the small hours of the night on the multi-tasking kitchen table which became my work space for the summer. My first experiments with paper making are evidenced on the cover; freshly cut grass and leaves from the Brooklyn public library lawn, The Village voice, and one of the chinese newspapers from Delancy street comprise the raw material used to make the paper. It was pulled through refitted screens found on the street in the bath tub of the apartment with the help of Margaret Weisbrod and John Born. The wood veneer was found on the roof of the same apartment reached only by firescape which looked over the valley between Park slope, Red Hook, and New York city. The red velvet spine came from the seat of the Calle watching chair of an elderly Hispanic gentle man who had acquired a new chair and laughed at the tall boy rooting through his garbage. The black Gaffers tape came from Bob Munn, my employer and friend. The binding thread is waxed linen, sewn into the Coptic stitch taught to me by the honorable Walter Hamaday The paper internals are bristol board vellum surface and the endsheets are eighty pound watercolor paper. The collages were made with embers from the streets of France, the Netherlands, Germany, and New York and were colled by glue stick and Sobo. The text comes from a stack of Russian translation cards I found scattered in a one block radius of the subway stop at 23rd street in the city. This book was the lifeline back to that unlisted territory in myself from the bad luck and nonsense of the chaotic and troubled environs of New York and Brooklyn during these months.

Price: These books can be read at the Kohler Art Library, Madison, Wis.

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