"Chickens today feathers tomorrow"

Artichoke Yink Press


Author: C.K.Wilde, box by C. Lawlis
Edition: 1
Year: 1999

This book features a double board tapes bound casing, with iridescent silk brocade. The papers range from Barcelona Overdyed to Alcantara. The collaged ephemera hails from the all over: Thailand, China, Germany, Mexico, Etc. The collection from the streets, from concerned friends, and fortuitous discovery at thrift shops of all this packaging sustains a prolonged inquiry into material culture. This inquiry has afforded a perspective where the signs and symbols are not just advertisement for a product, but products themselves. Products of the visual richness expressed by 600 years of printing on every paper wrapper, or every worn ticket to some hour of peace, or label from some long forgotten cure... Our 'disposable' culture cannot resist material representation, and the veils of consumption reveal the desires of culture which has produced them. Propaganda, religious iconography, advertising- all are packaging, all hold and project meaning: A rebus of icons and ideals. The books cutaway architecture reinforces this interconnectivity with juxtaposition between the different pages. The experience of reading becomes like an excavation of culture, careful strata unearthed and revealed to inquiry and appreciation.

This book can be read at the print collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Other books in this series by A.Y.P.:
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The series can be viewed at the New York Public Library, Spencer rare book collection and the Arents collection.

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