"Not burning but on fire"

Artichoke Yink Press

Author/s: K. Allerslev, M. Weber, C. K. Wilde
Edition: Unique original & 3 electro-static simulcraecea
Year: 2006

Matchless is a multimedia tour-de-force collaborative artist book. This Organic book integrates frotage, drawing, and painting with intimate, spontaneous, and passsionate modes of choreographed, simultaneous artmaking. Matchless's is composed of imagery and text gathered in New York City (New Amsterdam) and (Old) Amsterdam. This book encourages empathic exploration within colliding post-colonial cultures. This book can be read in its original unique form at the National Library in Leipzig, Germany.

Matchless was hand bound in four versions; the unique original utilizing "Beeholder" paper made of cotton, hemp, and an entire haircut's worth of C.K.W.'s hair acting as a genetic signature embedded in the ionically bonded pulp. The paper was formed in Stevens Point, Wis. with Jeff Morin's patient and able tutoring. The original book is quarter bound over cotton tapes with blood orange leather spine and corners cut from a suede jacket. The cover papers are silkscreened Washi paper from Japantown, San Francisco. The end sheets are super delicate Washi watermark sheets. A snappy fire danger sticker is wrapped over the front cover's fore edge completing the casing design. Finally micro-silacate wax was gently rubbed into the pages and casing. The edition of three color electro-static simulcraecea were editioned on Hannahmuhl Inge' by the ever assidous Caitlin 'Cat' Glennon.

Special thanks to Grrt!

This book is dedicated to Bill Bunce.

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