"Chickens today feathers tomorrow"

Artichoke Yink Press

No Quarter Given

Author: C.K.Wilde
Edition: Single Object, Facimile Edition of Five
Year: 2003

This book can be read at the Boston Athenaeum, MA.

Cut up currency details a rich journey through the world of the money. The modified Kelm board binding competes for the reader's attention in a gamble banking on the intimacy offered by the codex format. The process of cutting up currency is an implicit critique of Capitalism as a way for humans to relate. To fracture the symbol and reform it is to control its context permanently. If the dollar is contract with "my" government, then to cut them up is to vote no confidence in "my" government and it's policies. It is liberating in both word and deed. No taxes to feed the military corporate oligarchy, no consumer index to demographic my ass into "their" schemes for global domination. Plus the paper that money is made from is of the finest quality, strong and supple; and printed by excellent printers, and intricately engraved by the best draftsmen- this paper is a joy to collage. The currency is from Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, China, Germany, France, etc. The facsimile edition of five is five color Electro-static repro on card stock. I consider this book the beginning of a larger format collage currency book detailing the rise of paper money throughout the world.

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