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Artichoke Yink Press

The Presence

Author/s: Organik Research Group- K. Allerslev, M. Weber, C.K. Wilde, L. Smith, V. Schapers and A.M. Ito
Edition: Unique
Year: 2010
Size: 14" X 10"
Page #: 24 pages
Binding: K. Allerslev
Media: acrylic paint, aspirations, body mono-prints with turmeric in a PVA and water suspension, brown walnut ink, brush, ink, pencil, wax crayon rubbings, and other natural dyes and pigments.
Paper: Brazilian-based artist and designer Angela Mayumi Ito and Tokyo-based artist Veronika Schapers treated the 12 sheets of Korean handmade mulberry paper for over four years. Ito buried, dyed, painted and rubbed the pages in the villages of Mateiros and Mumbuca in the Tocantins State of Brasil, she used (in her words): "Tree, Flower, Grass, Earth, Fruit, Sand, Water, River, Waterfall, Bark, Leaf, Root, Fiber, Seed, Wind, Air, Sun, Shadow, and Rain." Schapers then dyed some of the pages with earth from Tokyo and the Izu Peninsula.The endpapers are Tyvek, with rubbings of manholes from Seoul, Korea by Weber, with body mono-prints in turmeric/PVA/water suspension.
Locations of outdoor matrix sources for wax rubbings:
California: San Gabriel- The Church of Our Savior, (Episcopal), various tombstones Los Angeles- Chinatown Train Station: the I-Ching wheel from the traditional Chinese Book of Changes, created by artist Chusien Chang, and various architectural motifs, floors, and signage, Alhambra and South Pasadena- various other architectural motifs, floors, signage and surfaces
Manhattan, New York (plaques by Greg LeFevre)- Library Way, 41st at Fifth Avenue, Union Square History Plaques, Upper West Side, various Water utility covers from Seoul, Korea

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