"Chickens today feathers tomorrow"

Artichoke Yink Press

Regional Museum

Author: S.L.Hoche
Edition: first:6-second:12-third:16
Year: 2001-2003

Nostalgia's blinding influence on history and cultural memory is herein given a sound routing.

Based on a poem written in Siberia about the similarity in curatorial presentation of cultural artifacts all over the world. The very display of tools for living from another age cuts them entire from the lives they intend to represent. The paradox is that the primary means by which the lives of the "others" who have come before are revenant and born again in mind is the means to their dissolution of identity. This makes an interesting play on the form of a book, which lays waiting to be whole (born again) in the eyes and hands of the reader, and is simultaneously destroyed with their attentions. The photographic illustrations are from Blagoveshensk, Rome, Madison, and Harbin.The robust activation's include, but are not limited to, the following: Letterpress, five color Electro-static transfer, the stamper of hot foil, and the stamp of rubber. The layered color Xeroxes are of collages made from the discards and de-acquisitioned books from the Cooper Union art library, the covers of the edition also came from the same source. The "black on black" printing was a railroad map of Wisconsin and drawings from the fine hands of Adam Januz; the letterpress typography by Markus Romanus Aurelious J. Bancoft Wagner, inexpertly and indecorously slathered onto the pages by the publisher. The sorceress Sara Parkel of Filter press bound this final edition of fifteen books for the world.Eye await the return of your gaze, so sez the book. So says "I".

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