"Orbiting synchronusly"

Artichoke Yink Press

Light from a star * Space Walk E-Book
Author/s: Marshall Weber, K.Allerslev, Kurbis Junge, and C.K.Wilde
Edition: Infinite
Year: 2004
Price: Free

An emotional exploration of langauge and space. Monoprints and Walnut ink illuminate the text. Varient edition.
MP3 of Marshall reading "Light from a star" (MP3, 1.7 MB)

Like the light from a star-
you felt this way to me.
I orbited waiting to feel a shining trace of racing light.
Why did I think you were my star?
How could I have dreamt that you were ever close enough to be my sun,
or solid enough to sear my skin and burn my eyes?
It is eternal when distance is so universal.
Did I blind myself straining to pierce the leagues of darkness between us;
meandering through unknown constellations?
By the time I sensed your meager radiations you were cold dead and gone.
Whatever glory I believed you once shone on me dissipated.
The clues floated past my closed eyes like the falling branches of reflected vision.
Who would have imagined that our mattress could have supported such an impenetrable brick wall- without betraying any dent or bulge to disturb the dry veldt horizon of our bed?
Your silence - the mortar, tamped by my innocent questions.
Your generosity was limited to appearance
- an impossible promise eclipsed by my wishful thinking.
Why did I think you were my star?

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