"Made of light, darkness visable"

Artichoke Yink Press

Tragic Book Number One

Contributors: Matthew Rudy, Jeffrey Gilliland, Joseph Dostal, Rob Harless, C.K.Wilde
Year: 1993
Edition: 10
Pages: 24
Size: 8 1/2" X 11"

Started out as drawings in sketchbooks. Two identical black sketchbooks would pass between Jeff and Christopher; Jeff supplying the text and Christopher the drawings. Long hours of mirth were derived from this process. When the books were filled up with these doodles and text fragments the question was then "What next?" 'Zines were everywhere, every coffee shop, every bar, every crash pad. So it seemed straightforward enough to make a magazine like this with friends. The publisher called Portland, Or. For the lettering skills of Matthew Rudy, AKA Jon Claude Von Sodom, or KING. The texts were read over the phone, tricked out, and sent via post in a collaged package. Then the drawings were redrawn to scale of the books page (8.5" X 11") and composite with the texts with the aid of the Xerox machine. The resultant work ranged from the surreal to inchoate. The cover was a collaged drawing made to mimic a comic book cover, with unnecessary text and poor reproductions of the authors in various states of dementia and//or inebriation. Color Xeroxes were made of the cover collage, and rubber stamps were added to verify the product as genuine. As a final gesture to comics, the books were put into stable archival bags along with a plastic magnifying glass, matches, stickers, and a plastic figurine.

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