"Chickens today feathers tomorrow"

Artichoke Yink Press

Tragic Book Number Six

Contributors: Matthew Rudy, Joseph Dostal, C.K.Wilde, Mark Hayward, Kurt Allerslev Reynertson, Kent Winkler, Dan Barry, Phuong Ngyuen, George Cramer, Lisa Beth Robinson, Steve Timm, Steve Wenger, Jake Goeller, David Lundahl, Gavin Wilson, Mark Wagner, David Heagle Last, Lewis Koch, Calvin Custen, Nugent J. Vitallo, Eric Jensen, Rolf Lund, Marshall Weber, Dylan Graham, S.S.Schooler, S.L. Hoche,
Year: 1995
Edition: 25
Pages: 82
Size: 8.5" X 7"

TB #6 is the first "proper" book in the series. Covers and binding of this edition of 25 were executed by Shon Sheldon Schooler of Blue Barrel Press; with silk-screened and type written end sheets by Lisa Beth Robinson. TB newcomer Dylan Graham designed the poetry and prose in TB#6; finally the text has a common font, orientation, and high contrast black and white Xerox printing. David Heagle Last drew corner initials for crediting the authors and artists. A score of a Simple Precision 15 Vandercook proof press from Caren Heft allowed the press to include another tool in the arsenal for mark making. The SP-15 was employed to print the "Hell" type covers and a motorcycle air manifold, which when debossed looked like the paths of termites. Jake Goeller editioned the botanical laminations sewn into the binding tabs festooned with David Heagle LastÕs "bacon strips". Mark HaywardÕs photograph of a road-killed raccoon painted over by the highway safety line encapsulates much of the sense of beauty, humor, and tragedy of the series. Steve Timm makes his first appearance in TB#6 with some great poems including a favorite called "Voices". Many of the lessons and techniques from the previous five are put to good use in this book. The book feels solid visually and physically; a unified clarity paired with playful and fresh texts and images. David Heagle Last's tour de force exploration of multiple run Xerox flat color registered printing techniques created the hilarious and beautiful comix that only exist in the printed form. DylanÕs Edward Gorey update "The presents they gave to the children" is excellent drawing and graphically solid work. TB#6 has more comix and text then the previous books in the series, it is a book that wants to be read.

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