"Chickens today feathers tomorrow"

Artichoke Yink Press

Trick Moon

Author: with Marshall Weber
Edition: 1
Year: 1997

22 pages, 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches.

A unique book combining a pastoral poem calligraphed with black ink by Marshall Weber and embedded in a multitude of worn, punctured and overprinted pages of assorted papers, arranged, hole-punched and Coptic stitch bound by Christopher Wilde; with a raw silk casing and clamshell book-box, both with viewing portal by Shon Schooler. Published by Artichoke Yink Press. The poetic text resonates with the form and feel of the pages and binding. This book is the third in a series of collaborations that Wilde and Weber started in 1996 loosely titled "New American Prayers".

This Book is in the Private collection of Charles Hobson.

Trick Moon
(original text by Marshall Weber)

It was night in the farmlands
where I couldn't tell the difference between the fireflies

and the transcontinental jets.

All strobing in front of the milky way, yet.

The red moon rising and sliding between the trees

was eye level standing to me,

coming through the trees closer,
just a hundred yards away on the rim of the eastern horizon,

glowing blinking through the trees,
tricking me and scaring me,
my arm rising to touch it;
funny lantern moon.

I love that sister.
And then the low mist floated in pungent with mint
hovering halfway up the stalks of the corn and weeds
then slowly drifting back and forth,
advancing and retreating towards me
(a barn)
;but never coming closer than an acre.

Price: in private collection

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