"Chickens today feathers tomorrow"

Artichoke Yink Press


Author: S.L.Hawk(née' Hawk)
Edition: 5
Year: 1993

Electrostatic transfer, lithography, and letterpress printed this poem. Collage, drawings, over printing, and Mylar overlays illustrate this poem about suicide, consciousness and genealogy. This is the first letterpress book that the press ever made, and yes only five were made. The publisher worked night and day setting the type, some times falling asleep in 6451, only to be woken by Hamady having an aneurysm about imaginative lock-ups in the bed of the SP15 Vandercook. The Xerox was all facilitated by Don, a punk at Kinkos. The corporate swashbuckle was a trade- Books for copies, The press would always give Don a copy of the books he helped into the world. And help he did, and let the printer monkey around with the machines; running sheets through multiple times, moving things while the machine was scanning, putting all sorts of stuff on the glass, gleefully copying away in the middle of the night, and in the morning Don would bump the numbers. The interest in seeing multiple print processes together is evinced in this book, as is material illustration with hand made Mexican paper covers printed the litho by Calvin Custen. This book connects the press's parallel investigations in the world of zines and artists books. The first computer experiments combined with the first letterpress explorations, and a weird binding make this book the strange scion of interpretive mark making tools. Out of print.

Price: unknown

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