"Book Dreaming"

Artichoke Yink Press

Yam Dreaming
Author/s: K. Allerslev, M. Weber, C. K. Wilde
Edition: 1
Year: 2006
Size: 8 x 15 3/4 inches, 22 pages

Weber filled this Organic book with rubbings and writing, recording conversations from diverse backgrounds. Rubbings from New York City, Amsterdam, Netherlands, various locales throughout Australia. Detailing an adventure through materials ranging from hand ground ochre, tumeric, black pepper, basil, wax, cotton, hemp, and an entire haircut's worth of C.K.W.'s hair acting as a genetic signature embedded in the ionically bonded pulp made into double couched hand print watermark*Beeholder Doublehand* paper formed in Stevens Point, Wis. with Jeff Morin's patient and able tutoring. This book can be read in Berlin, Germany.

"Golden Horse Yam Dreaming" (MOV, 3.9 MB)

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